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Editor In Chief
I Khan

IJLTC (Volume 2 Issue 1 March, 2011)

1. University Students' Usage of e-Student Services
Ahmet Naci Coklar, Semseddin Gunduz

2. Survey of Fault Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
Neda Beikmahdavi, Abolfazl Akbari, Fatemeh Akbari

3. Computational Study of H1N1 Viral Segments Inserted Within the Regions of SARS Genome
Dr.DSVGK Kaladhar, A.Krishna Chaitanya

4. Self -Managing Fault in Wireless Sensor Networks
Abolfazl Akbari, Neda Beikmahdavi

5. Cloud Computing: Its security & Privacy Aspects
Dr. Deepshikha Jamwal, Abhishek Singh Sambyal, Prof.G.S Sambyal

6. High Performance Analysis of Frequency Reuse Schemes in Cellular Mobile Environment
A.K.M Fazlul Haque, A.F.M. Shahen Shah, Md. Abdul Hannan, Nusrat Jahan, jasim Uddin Ahmed, Md. Abu Saleh

7. Handgrip Recognition on Joystick
Zong Chen

8. An Approach for Loudness Analysis of Voice Signal (LAVS) Using MatLab
Shiv Kumar, Aditya Shastri, RK Singh

9. Radio Link Reliability in Indian Semi-Desert Terrain under Foggy Conditions
Naveen Kumar Chaudhary, DK Trivedi, Roopam Gupta

10. Computational Decision-Making via Game-theoretic Approach and ANN-Based Methods: An Example of Power Utility Conservation Under Non-green/Green Environments
Dr. Dolores De Groff

11. An Enhanced Algorithm for Offline Connected Handwritten Character Segmentation
Kodituwakku S. R., Rambukwella A.I

12. A Controlling Strategy for Industrial Machines using Bluetooth Technology
Arafat Zaidan, Mutamed Khatib, Basim Alsayid

13. Block Transmission Systems in Synchronous Multiuser Communications
Mutamed Khatib, Farid Ghani

14. A Perspective on the Cloud
Sandeep Keshav, Mradul Pandey, Shailendra Raj

15. A New Low-Voltage RMS Converter based on Current Conveyors in MOS Technology
Ebrahim Farshidi

16. A Temporally Hybrid Method for Integrating Overlapped Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with the Internet
Young-Chul Shim

17. Fuzzy Arithmetic with and without using ?-cut method: A Comparative Study
Palash Dutta, Hrishikesh Boruah, Tazid Ali

18. Analysis and Comparison of Texture Features for Content Based Image Retrieval
S.Selvarajah, S.R. Kodituwakku

19. Real Time Outlier Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
M.Syed Mohamed, T. Kavitha

20. Sophomores Use of Productivity Tools across Departments
Paul A. Walcott, Jamillah M. A. Grant, Troy Lorde, Colin Depradine, Elisabeth Bladh

21. Statistical Implementation of Segmentation of Dermoscopy Images using Multistep Region Growing
S.Zulaikha Beevi, M.Mohammed Sathik, K.Senthamaraikannan

22. A New Method for Finding the Cost of Assignment Problem Using Genetic Algorithm of Artificial Intelligence
Shaikh Tajuddin Nizami, Jawaid Ahmed Khan, Fozia Hanif Khan, Nasiruddin Khan, Syed Inayatullah

23. Statistical Analysis of Web Quality of Virtual Interfaces of University Grants Commission -Academic Staff Colleges
Dr. Vikas Sharma

24. Advanced Automatic Luminance Management and Real Time Counting System Using High Computing Programmable Gate Arrays: One Step Towards Green IT
Mr. Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Ajay P. Thakare, Prof. A. M. Agarkar

25. A Survey of Energy Efficient Geocast Routing Protocols in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Kaushik Ghosh, Pradip K Das

26. Evaluation of the Effect of Gen2 Parameters on the UHF RFID Tag Read Rate
Jussi Nummela, Petri Oksa, Leena Ukkonen, Lauri Sydänheimo

27. Fuzzy Rule Based Inference System for Detection and Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
K. Lavanya, M.A. Saleem Durai, N.Ch. Sriman Narayana Iyengar

28. REP Models versus OntoAidedRE -A Parameters Based Study
Shilpa Sharma, Maya Ingle

29. Imperative Pathway Analysis to Identify the Potential Drug Target for Aspergillus Infection
V. K. Morya, Shalini Kumari, Eunki Kim

30. In-Vitro Analysis of RM Stent for Marginal Coronary Artery
Sanjay pujaia, Dr.V.R.udupia

31. RM Analysis On ?COS for Embedded Systems
R.R.Maggavi, D.A.Torse

32. Performance Analysis of Conventional Crypto-coding
Rajashri Khanai, Dr. G. H. Kulkarni

33. Analysis of Thin Smart Antisymmetric Laminated Composite Cylinder Integrated with Distributed ACLD Patches
Ashok M. Hulagabali, Dr. J. Shivkumar, Rajesh Maji

34. A Theoretical Study of Fast Motion Estimation Search Algorithms
S. H. D. S. Jitvinder, S. S. S. Ranjit, K. C. Lim S. I. MD Salim, A. J. Salim